Acquisition Programs

For acquisition programs, again, there are no hidden fees for managing data or importing additional data to build a calling universe. We can also work off of a commission or hourly basis.

We offer a solid, experienced sales staff that specializes in acquisition programs, including:

  • acquiring new sales, upgrades, restarts for print, e-edition and hybrid publications
  • qualified sampling programs
  • non pay restarts, and all other avenues for new business.
  • Inbound sales campaigns
  • This can be done through calling files that you send, sequential dialing on a rotational plan, or special projects. Our clients can attest that our sales are solid with superior retention, well above industry standards, and a high percentage of paid in advance orders.

In addition, our rotational cold calling is a little different from others. Rather than call an exchange at a time, we call across exchanges sequentially. This “spreads the wealth” and reduces the chance of overloading a carrier with excessive new customers all at once.


We can set up programs on an hourly or commission basis. We recommend a 100-200 hour test along with a market analysis to provide you feedback as to the best approach for each market.

As we gather information from the test, we can provide a complete proposal for either continued hourly calling or a commission proposal for all subscription prices and rates.

The main point is that our goal is to develop a long-term partnership with you.